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FRIday             25           May

 145th                            220 Days

  Day                               to come

clear.  Boys at Victor Brinton's & then

to Eachus.  Dad took Kenny & I to WC.

to shop.  I got cake & Buns at [Quaker]

B. for Earl, on to Acme & got end of

ham, chops & liver.  We went over about

1-30 & took good nap.  I ironed after

he got asleep.  I had liver for supper

but Kenny didn't like it so gave him

piece of chicken.  He surely is a good

litle chap, of course his Daddy here

with him makes a difference too.

He might worry if he was away &

I had him by himself.  Bud said

Baby starting to gain a lttle.  Sammy

is able to nurse her, that will be

so much easier if she can.  I talked

to Ethel in eve.  Bud back by 10.