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Bob & Ethel gave us Note like Bud 

[??46400] dated June 1st.


Sunday             27                        May

 147th                                           218 Days

  Day     1st Sundaay after Trinity      to come


showery.  Bud up ay 8-15 but Kenny

not till 9 then didn't want to go to

S.S. so Bud said all-right he didn't

have to.  After I made custard pie I got

his breakfast egg, toast, milk, oil

& orage juice later.  Bud & Dad at

Church.  I put ham in oven, potstoes

& corn, had dinner at 1 gave Kenny

chicken.  mama sick at stomach

so stayed in bed.  cleared off  by 1

so Bud took Kenny up at 1-30

to see Sammy out on the porch.

he was good and Bud stayed with

him didn't go up till eve.  Bob & Ethel

down little whike & I made sandwiches

for every-body. ice-cream & cookies

& he was going to clean a chir but

didn't get to it.