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Bud took Kenny up in DeSoto brought

[Sammy] & Baby Jean home.  Ma L.

came down too  she will get supper

& Dad L. & Al. will be down

Dad put flag up


Wednesday             30           May

 150th                                  215 Days

  Day       Memorial Day          to come


clear all morn. but clouded over

by 3 o'clock.  I washed Kenny's sheet

& pajamas & cleaned up a little

over in house for [Samy].  made

up beds, moped kitchen.  Dad

took me up to [???] stand & got box

strawberries, bunch of asparagus.

got lunch for Bud & Kenny then

they got dressed. I put little grey

pants & shirt on Kenny & they left for

Hospital.  Dad tried to clean up

Ethel's big pitcher, fairly good.

Kenny thought Baby Jean would

be bigger to play with him.  Bob

Ethel & Bobby down little while. over

to see Jean also Ann Davis & Henritte

Ma L. & I helped [Samy] get things up & to bed