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Friday             1                 June

 152nd                              213 Days

  Day      Sacred Heart         to come

Clear & hot.  Boys at Dr. Heathrotes

till noon & Wm. [Teet's] after lunch. Dad

& I  to U.C. in morn. I did shopping

& he went to Bank.  I got chickens ??

[Loncas??] to W. After lunch Kenny tired

&hot so I put hammock up & he went

sound asleep.  Bob stopped in with

bundke of diaperss for [Sammy] & took dirty

ones. surely nice of him as he it is a

Gift to her.  Dad slept most after

noon, so hot but lovely on porch.

Ethel called to make sure we

were coming tomorrow.  Bob is

taking Mon. & Tues off which

will be a help to get the

House in shape & things put away.

Mama walked over to see Jean