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Saturday             2            June

 153rd                              212 Days

  Day                                  to come


SUN came out so I did small

wash for [Samy?] but had to hang

them in cellar, as storm came on

at 9-30.  Bud took Kenny to U.C. &

got hair-cut.  We had early lunch

& Bob called at 12, we left shortly 

& met him at Bowling Alley on [Goey??] St.

Mrs. Jones just about finishing so

we went on out & they loaded truck

Bobby asleep so Kenny went with

them.  Took 3 loads, colored woman

threre cleaning paints & windows

for Ethel.  They took her home at 4.

[Left?] me busy minding little boys.

We met men out at Chatwood &

came Home at 5. Kenny tired went to

sleep.  Ma L. & Dad down in eve.