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Sunday                        3                               June

 154th                                                         211 Days

  Day   Confederate Memorial Day (Tenn., Ky.)  to come


clear & hot Bud & Dad loaded truck

with table, chairs, silver & things

for Ethel & Bud took them to Chatwood

Dad went to Church.  They brought

Bobby down at 11-30 & I got lunch

for them. Bud & Dad, Bob & Ethel

went back & they hauled lot 

of things out.  took desk that

time & few other things. Bobby

took short nap then played

out in Kenny's sand pile.  I had

supper for them at 6.  They came

back tired but lot done.  Left

at 7-30.  I talked awhile in eve [to]

Ma. L.  She was tired too, her

teacher in [????] has gone.  Not

too easy to find one you like.  Bud

worked garden[??were?]