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1st. night in new Home at Chatwood

for Bob Ethel and Bobby.


Monday             4            June

 155th                              210 Days

  Day                                  to come


Beautiful day.  Bud & W. at Mrs.

[Loves'] daughters' place in W.C.

Ethel brought Bobby at 8 & Dad

went back with her.  Bobby was 

surely mad at being left like

that & no  [?toidey], boy did we

have a time but he used little

seat on big toilet for me after

awhile.  He & Kenny & I on swing

about 10 & Bobby went asleep for

1/2 hr. ate a fair lunch but didn't

want it.  Then I made lunch

for all at 12-30.  When Bob & Ethel

left we played awhile & he took 

a nap on swing again.  Had

supper at 6-30.  left for  new Home

at 7-30.  Dad to [S.B.] meeting