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Tuesday             5            June

 156th                              209 Days

  Day                                  to come

rainy & chilly.  Bud & W.Ed. Clouds

Dad & I up to Ethel's.  Bob cutting grass

but he & Dad went to Hoffman's  &

got wire for fence & started putting

pen uo for Bobby.  Home & cut [??????]

I started on windows in bed-room

cleaned & put up curtains in

their R. & Bobby's.  looked nice.

We stayed for lunch there

came home at 3.  Bob finishing

mowing yard as he works to

night.  [Mary T.??] had walked

over, talked to Mama then she

went over to see Baby Jean.

trying to clear.  Bud [pricing??] up

Cards ready for Bills.  I worked

on yellow cushion for Ethel's Chair.