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I sent check to Dr. Horace for Mama

Baby Jean 6 lb 10 to-day


Wednesday            6            June

 157th                              208 Days

  Day                                  to come

Mr. Mease brought pan of strawberries

about 2 boxes.  [?beautiful?]

Nice day gettring warmer.  Bud & W. at

Ed. Clouds.  Dad to Bank & getting

tires fixed (DeSoto front & truck). then out

to Ethel's to finish pen for Bobby.  I ironed

few peices for [Samey??] & after lunch Dad

& I up to Ethel's; I took yellow cushion

for Boston rocker, & he hung mirrors

for her.  Bobby seemed to like his

pen fairly good.  We unpacked a

barrel of dishes & vases.  blue vases

look nice on mantel.  Home by 5.

They went to Forum Picnic at

Birmingham, took Bobby as was

nice eve.  I [? stopped?] over to see Mary.

Ma. L. & Dad down in eve. little

while.  Bud over to G. Hall to

practicve singing for Friday night.