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Thursday             7           June

 158th                              207 Days

  Day                                  to come

Baby Jean weighs 7 lb.

Beautiful day.  Boys at McKnight

Williams & up to Ethels; her washer

not right. I did big wash for

[Samey?] & lovely day for it. dried [line??]

W. painted up-stairs after lunch

Dad went with Bud so I had

to wall to Church.  I went across

Tom's garden.  Not many there. Edna

Ida, Bessie W. Mrs. H. & myself.  We

had a short M. meeting up-stairs

as Basement was too damp.  We

dusted & moped but couldn't

sweep as sweeper wasn't there.

Joe has it I guess.  Dr. H. brought

me Home.  After supper Joe B. up to

talk about festival.  Dad & I over to

Goshen [??L.] festival little while [???pery ovrer???]