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Friday             8                June

 159th                              206 Days

  Day                                  to come


Raining. very damp.  Boys at Dr. H

house on miner St.  Dad in shop. &

I ironed few pieces.  After lunch Dad

& I to U.C. to shop. parked on Miner

St.  He went to Bank & took shoes for

heels.  I went to Meyers & Mostellons', Quaker

Bakers & on to Acme.  Then out to Ethels'

about 3-0.  BNobby has just been [upstairs????]

little while.  Mrs.Watson had/ tied [formed]

white ribbon on his wrist just before

we got there.  We didn't stay long as

meat might spoil Dad had for

gotten drill so she could put up 

drapes.  They came down in eve. few

min. to get it.  Edna & Ernest S. over

with check went over to see Baby Jen, to bad Bud was

going away.  He took Williamson children

to Grange.