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Chidren's Day. Very nice Program.


Sunday            10                      June

 161st                                        204 Days

  Day     3rd Sunday after trinity     to come

Baby Jean 7 lb. 4 oz.

raining hard.  Dad took Bud

Kenny & I to Church.  Children's Day

service at 11.  children had all parts

[Webker ??] boys read responsive reading

& scripture.  Graham S. was moderator

of meeting announced all [?????].  Patty

[L.??] piano solo; Buddy Wills sang

Sweet Home of Prayer, Becky W. [Vislion??? Sister]

Dr. H. praised Graham, gave short

talk on a tree (Oak) a Home & the

[????]. very good.  Kenny was very good

sat up front with his Dad. talked 

about festival after service.  About 5 in

comes Bob, Ethel, Bobby & Ma. J.  She

forgot Bud's Gift but Bob brought

more diapers to [Samey??].  We had ice

cream & berries about 7 & they left