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Monday             11             June

 162nd                              203 Days

  Day    St.Barnabas             to come

clear, cool.  Bud working on N.

side of his House.  W. up-stairs

painting.  Dad up to Eachus,

they asked him to go fishing

Thurs.  I did big wash & had

lot of trouble with water.

[Samy??] did her wash to-day

I put things back on bed with out 

ironing this time. Was sitting

on porch in eve. when Violette & [????]

came over bringing Bonnie Jean

to see Baby Jean.  We all went over 

& I held Baby Jean while they looked

over House.  liked her corner cup

boards a lot & floors.  I talked to

Ethel about 9.  Bob was working.  She

got her clothes all dry & washer

seemed to work all right.