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Tuesday             12                June

 163rd                              202 Days

  Day                                  to come

clesr & warmer, Dad & Bud meeting

Earl Thomas at Emeryville job.  W. up-

stairs paintiing.  I ironed & put things

away.  cut out lttle yellow & print

apron & partly made it.  Bob in

to [Samys???] with diapers so I gave

him Dad's brown pants to clean.

Bud & Dad took chest of drawers

up to put in Bobby's room.  It

looks real nice & will hold a

lot of things.  Dad L. down &

painted another window in

morn.  Bud, Joe, Dad out in eve.

putting up booths for festival

Bessie W. [??] took materials out

of Basement.  Mary [Ann??] & Marlow swept

it up. didn't do anything to tables