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Wednesday             12        June

 164th                              201 Days

  Day                                  to come

raining very gently like a shower

Bud & W. at Ed Clouds.  Dad over

to [Symaris??] then to W. [Languy??]

I made cake after pressing

the aprons.  Am afraid it won't

be clear to-morrow & what a

mess we'll have.  Tom P. brought

2 boxes berries over [.$50.*] Bob here

in after-noon sent some with

him for supper & sent brown 

pants to cleaner.  [Samy??] sent

some things.  He pulled some

sucker off Tomatoes.  Ethel

says Bobby seems to have cold

on kidneys.  Sara S. herre in eve

for School [chickn???]  She has a

nasty cough. Edith has another

little boy.