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[??Viola} brought band. 30 all to-gether.

[??]   $18.00

she gave me.



Thursday                          14                           June

 165th                                                            200 Days

  Day     American Flag Adopted-1777-Flag Day    to come

 Straw-berry Festival.
Raining. dreadful day.  Dad took me
[????] at 10 & several things then came
back & got dressed, ate lunch & went
to Eachus, going fishing.  At noon Mary
??? brought me Home.  I got bite
for Mama & I.  Boys to Lyman's back
at 6-30, then to Beatty's', back at 3-30
[??Bud] took me out & went for hot
water at plant.  I finshed paper
[???] tables & flowers. looks nice. yellow
[???], [Paul??] Scarlet & Van Fleet.  Beulah
[???] & Mrs. Clouser helped in after-noon.
[Not?] much crowd so won't make
much.  Berries not very nice altho good
flavor.  All my aprons sold quickly.  Ethel
[???] J. & Bobby down little while.  Bobby & Kenny
[???] band & fish pond.  Bud & I Home
at 11.  tired.  Dad at 11-45.  no fish.