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Friday               15                 June

 166th                                    199 Days

  Day   Pioneers' Day (Idaho)       to come

 SUN. out and in trying to clear
Bud out & helped Joe take booth
down at Church.  W. painting back
dormer white.  I am tired not
doing much.  counted money
looks like we might clear $100
After lunch Dad took me to Church
Besie, Mary Ann & I cleaned up
and they brought me Home.  After
supper Bud, [Samey] & Kenny to U.C.
ordered shoes for Kenny  & to 
Grange Festival.  I stayed with 
Jeanie but she slept the whole
time.  They got back at 9-15.
Bud had [??unked] on their side
of back dormer.  looks nice
when it gets painted.