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Mary [?? P.] gave me $1 toward Festival



Saturday               16                June

 167th                                    198 Days

  Day                                       to come

Mr. Cotter gve me $5 toward Festival


Nice day.  Dad & I down to Smiths' for

[??Sameys] order & mine, then we went

to U.C. got things at Meyers' & to Acme.

also Locker.  Home by 11.  After lunch

we took Mama up to see Ethel &

Bob's place.  She did like it.  Dad & Bob

went ot U.C. & bought power lawn

mower out to try on his lawn.  He

is going to buy it $85.00, has been

demonstrator so got it cheaper.

We came Home & had supper got

Mama ready for bed then we

went back to keep Bobby while

they went to Grange.  [??Festival play??].

Bobby went to sleep fine but woke at

8.  I got him back before the came 

Home at 11.  We left soon. They said very good play

Bud took Kenny to see play.