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Sunday                                 17                            June

 168th                                                                  197 Days

  Day        Father's Day--Bunker Hill Day (Boston)     to come


Beautiful day.  Bud took Kenny to

S.S. then back to Church.  Dad & I

out too.  Fair congregation.  Louis K.

& Dad talked a little about roof

for Church.  I shelled peas Bud &

Dad picked last eve. about last  we

will have.  About 3-30 Bud took

[Samey??], Kenny & Jeannie up to Ethels

[Sammy??] hadn't seen their place

& thought it was lovely.  Baby 

slept whole time.  We had

our dinner about 5.  Mama ate

a good one.  She surely is sleepy.

Ma & Dad L. down in eve. awhile

We talked few min. then

came over, read awhile, and

on to bed.