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Ida Bennet died this morn.


Tuesday               19                 June

 170th                                    195 Days

  Day                                        to come

Baby Jean 8 lbs.


Beautiful day.  Bud to [McMull????]

W. painting front dormer.  Dad put

new ropes in Mama's window

while I cleaned her room good

washed windows, pictures & [???]

curtains & put away.  put drapes

back.  She sat on porch all after

noon.  I think she seemed [better??]

to-day.  ate good supper.  I was

surely tired about 3 so quit.  After

supper [Samey??] brought Baby over

little while & Kenny put puzzle to

gether to show his Momie.  Bud

cutting grass over at his place.  I talked

to Bessie Wylie & decided not to

sew this week.  funeral will be

Friday but think we will go to viewing.