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Dr, [Howell??] on vacation.


Wednesday               20                 June

 171th                                    194 Days

  Day                                        to come


Beautiful day.  Boys at Merril [????]

I washed few pieces & at 9 went [with??]

Dad to Emeryville job (Leaman) to look

see if Earl Thomas is ready for them

back to U.C.  He to Bank & I to Quaker

Baker's & Grant's. ordered flowers for

Ida Bennet viewing to-morrow 

night.  Home by noon.  I didn't do

much in after-noon.  After supper

we sat on porch.  Joyce, Charlie &

[Samy??] came in litle while.  She

brought me pink violet, also 1

for [Samey??].  Sara [T.??] here also for

School papers.  sat and talked

while.  Bud out to Church

practice little while.  Charlie

still there when he got back.

Kenny & [???] had good time.