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I talked to Dr. Doran & he told me

Mama has cataracts on 

her eyes.

Friday                     22                    June

 173rd                                            192 Days

 Day                Summer                   to come


don't look clear but by 10 sun came

out.  Dad & Bud up to Int. Harvester

W. painting front dormer.  I burnt

rubbish in can & cleaned it out

little.  After lunch Dad & W. over

to Leaman's & Bud making piece

for Int. Harvester.  [Samny??] took

Baby Jean & Kenny to Dr. A.  I went

along to try & shop a little.  I got

Meyer's order & left it.  met her at

3-30 & on to Acme.  She got small

order there & on Home.  surely was

hot. Bud cleaned fish for us

he caught yesterday.  grand eating

little late with supper.  Bud, Ethel

& Bobby in about 7. with lawn-

mower but storm came.  They left

at 8-15.