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Saturday                     23                June

 174th                                            191 Days

 Day                                                to come


Raining, some thunder.  Dad &

Bud took piece up to International

Harvester that they made yesterday

Dad took me to store when

he got back & I got [Samny's] order

& mine.  Mrs. Smith not very

good.  Dad mowed all grass with

Bob's machine then loaded it up

& took it Home.  I would of gone

only had minutes to write in

Church book for to-morrow.

After supper Bud, [Samy] & Kenny

went to see Father's little dividend

& I kept Jean.  Ma. L. & Dad came

down.  brought [Samy] a big electric mixer

looks nice.  Jean was fussy  I 

gave her bottle before they got back