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Baby Jean 9 lb. 1 oz.

Friday 29 June  1951

180 th day                    St. Peter               185 days to come

foggy and very damp.  Men at DeNems

I got ready yo go with Earl to

U.C.  He has appt. with Ozie {/}

I went to Dr. Doran I had new lense put in, raining as I walked to Majeris., left order I went to Acm M.D. Bud came there for me.  thunder heavy, Kenny afraid he wouldn't stay in Causelone [?].  Home by noon.  I had no chanceto look for shoes.  Boys at Wm. Darlington and Ralph Tassme after lunch.  Bob stopped in after giving bundle to Tammy and i gave him bag of leans in eve.  [?] Dad T down awhile. he came I sat on porch with us while Bud and Kenny wereup at C Davis playing [?]