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I rec. letter from Viola Boyd with Gigt

of $10.00 from her          friend Miss


also $1 for Festival

[fured???] @116.35 to date

Mrs. Worth is 89 years old to-day.


Saturday                     30                June

 181st                                            184 Days

 Day                                                to come


dreadfully foggy.  Bud took me

to store, got [Samny's??] order & few

things for me.  ordered rolls &

Frank' for Tues. but am afraid

Mama won't be able to go.  I run

mop around a little & put papers

in cartons in cellar.  hope Wylies soon

can take them.  Bud took turkeys

to be tested after lunch.  Dad down

for papers & brought Tom [P.??] up, saw

his garden, Davis have plowed up

old straw-berry bed for him.  looks

fine dad said.  I cooked some rice for

Mama.  She didn't want much

to eat.  We were on porch when

Bob, Ethel & Bobby came in with lawn-

mower.  They mowed a lot & left at 8-30

 Bud & [Samy??] had children for drive.