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Bud took me to Garden with tickets

Carl H had given    Dad as he had

to go to S.B.meeting.  awfully good


Invisible man with Abbot & Castello.

Monday                     2                  July

 183rd                                          182 Days

 Day                                              to come


dull & very damp.  Men went to freight

station for Wind-mill, then Boys over

to Milt H.  Dad around Home.  I washed

couple pieces for Mama, she seemed

better & drank her coffee & ate toast.

I pulled few weeds & trimmed some

bushes.  [Sammy??] took Kenny at 12-30 to

W.C. met Ma L. & had tests made

at Hospital T.B.  I brought Baby Jeaan

over & she slept in crib a long time.

I gave her bottle at 2-30.  good little

thing till 4-15.  hungry again I

guess.  Her [Mommie??] came & gave her

rest of bottle.  Dr. H. came at 5

to see Mama.  blood pressure & heart

good.  just liver again.  told her to

move around more.  left her medicine.