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Bud & Dad planted 2 rows [ptatoes.


Monday                    3                  July

 184th                                          181 Days

 Day                                              to come


Beautiful day.  Boys at [Leaman's??]

Dad to School in morning meeting

L. Mickener over to Leamans after lunch.

I took [Samny's??] clothes down at 2

as it looked like rain.  She had

taken Jean & Kenny up to Lawson's

& gone to Dr. Lewis for check-up.

Mama slept most all day.  only

when I gave her medicine & [??tried]

to wake her.  At 5 she the medicine

really went thru : her and maybe 

will clear her up.  I made Lemon

butter.  Jessie H. came in, talked

to Mama few min. then over to

see Baby & new house.  Marshal

talked to Dad.  We sat on porch

till 11 talking.  Then they left.