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Dad picked pan full of wax beans

                              divided them.


Wednesday                     4             July

 185th                                          180 Days

 Day        Independence Day           to come


Not so clear & by 12-30 was raining.  Dad

& Bud mowed grass early.  I made

potato salad, deviled eggs & got

things ready but don't see how we can

go to Ethels.  They called & said they would

come down so Bud called [??Lauson's] &

they came.  We put shop table at top

of Earl's drive & had Picnic dinner at 

4-30.  Bob & Bud cooked hamburg's

on grill & Frank's.  Mama came out

& I gave her piece of chicken & roll &

ice-tea.  later all had cones of cream.

They played Badminton in Bud's yard.

Baby Jean slept in crib most all after-

noon. Ma. J. brought box of candy.

They left at 7-30. A storm coming

up again.