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Thursday                     5                 July

 186th                                          179 Days

 Day                                              to come


Very windy but clear.  Men all

at Leaman's.  Mama was feeling

good so I went to B. Wylie's to

sew. [??Loris] K. came at 10-15.  We

made hot-water bags of outing

flannel & bed-pockets of unbleached

muslin.  Mrs. H. , Bess. K., Aneta

Edna, [Anno???] Davis went back at 1

and brought Mary P. to meeting

Mrs. Weber came to M. also Mrs.

Clouser.  We told Edna to ask

Mrs. [Chartz??] about 19th, if that would

suit her.  She wants to have us

Home by 5 & got supper.  Kenny over

in eve.  We played puzzles & [?????].

Bud working on Cards ready for

bills. All in bed by 11.  real cool