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Friday                     6                 July

 187th                                        178 Days

 Day                                              to come


clear, very cool. had hail some

place.  Boys at C. Hatton's.  Dad to

W.C. several errands to do.  Bank,

hair-cut & to see Wilson.  After lunch he

took me to W.C.  We parked on Market

St. & I shopoped at Acme & on to Meyer's .  We

were Home early, then went to Smith

& got order. I got supper for Dad as

he goes at 6-15 with Eachus men to

see Ball Game in Phila.  I kept Baby

Jean while Bud & [Samny??] took Kenny

to Sears in Wilm. to get pair of sandals

Had a hard time to find any thing

in Wilm. for him.  Home  by 10.  I 

had given Jean her bottle & she

was getting sleepy.  Dad not Home

til 12-30.  I had pain in stomach so

put heat pad on & really heated me up.