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Saturday                     7                 July

 188th                                          177 Days

 Day                                              to come


Beautiful day.  Merrill Pratt called be

had no water so Dad & Bud had to

go pull the Pump.  I was so dizzy

when I got up in morn had to lay

down several times.  really felt

miserable.  circulation I guess.  Men

worked all day on Pump, not

done till 6 o'clock.  Ethel & Bub down in

after-noon.  She wanted to stay if

I needed her but I had things to

get for easy supper so they took

lawn-mower & left.  I took a nap

after they left.  Dad was tired when

they got Home & we weren't long out of

 bed.  I had given Mama her supper

early.  Am afrid I'll not be going

to Church to-morrow either.