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Dad & Bob picked [???] of beans.


Sunday                     8                 July

 189th                                          176Days

 Day     7th Sunday after Trinity       to come

Jean weighs 9-15.


Nice day.  I felt better but not enough to

get dressed so Bud & Dad at Church.

Dad fixed McCue's Pump early & Bud made

trip to Earl Thomas.  Bob, Ethel & Bobby came

at 11-45.  She pared potatoes & started our

dinner.  I woke Mama at 1:30 so she

could eat dinner, she really is sleepy all

the time.  I ate some myself but not

too much.  After 3-30 Bob took Ethel, Bobby

& Pop-Pop for ride up above Glen Moore

some farmer [Joo??] up there was adv.

in Local.  Home by 6.  Had grilled sand-

wich & ice cream.  [Spike??] Mitzer & family

in to see Bud & [Samy???] also Roland & Mary.

Bob & Ethel left at 8.  Dad & I took ride

down road to see what Movie looked

like.  It is very large picture.  Not many cars.