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Monday                    9                 July

 190th                                          175 Days

 Day                                              to come


Nice day.  Boys to Ernest Faucett's till

noon then all men over to Leaman's

roofing.  They had been to De Nemo's

& took out Pump to bring Home

also pipe.  going to [?? lose] on that job.

I washed few things & they dried

fine.  [Samy??] had big wash.  Dad L.

down scraping glider ready for

paint.  I really am lazy, layed down

all after-noon.  Mama sat out a

while in eve.  she sleeps most all

day, then all nght.  blessing she 

can sleep, only doesn't seem natural

Dr. H.told me not to worry over it.

old folks always sleep a lot.  She is

blaming it on medicine but he said

not.  digatalis twice a week.