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Tuesday                    10                 July

 191st                                          174 Days

 Day                                             to come


dull.  looks like rain.  Dad to [Clompus???]

with check then on to Leaman's to help

boys roofing.  I washed few pieces by

hand.  Bud put bills out in mail-

box.  He took crib out for Dad L. to put

shellac on.  getting ready for Jean.  Sun

came out hot and good there is a 

breeze.   Dad came Home pretty tired

[??]  Bud had back burned clear thru

under shirt. I ironed Dad's shirts &

just took it easy all after-noon.  I

washed Mama's hair in morn. & had

her sit outside till it dried.  Bud put

up awnings on fr. R. windows.  looks

nice will make it cooler.  He sprayed

glider green.  Mr. & Mrs. [Love???]  up in eve.

to talk awhile.  Ethel talked to me

about 10.  Bob working.