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Bud over to Graange Hall.  Practice

for last [Master??] night.


Wednesday                   11                July

 192nd                                          173 Days

 Day                                              to come


Not too clear.  little cooler.  Bud to help

Ed. [clored ??] at Glackins.  Dad & W. over

to Leaman's.  Bud went to them at

noon.  I carried water to [fl ????];

certainly very dry.  I put strap on odd

sock ready to send away, fixed

up ledger with new [re ???] bills

& posted slips.  I am not doing

very much.  I washed off porch

& cleaned it up a little then Kenny

& I sat in swing & sang till lunch

time.  Mama out a little more

to-day & I think she looks better.

Dad L. put shellac on pen, makes

it look new for Jean.  Bud put

glider to-gether in eve. & looks nice

also bench pretty green.  M.Dad & I

sat on porch till 9 o'clock.