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W.C.T.V. picnic at H. Satterthwaite.


Wednesday         12             July

193rd                                 172 Days

Day    Orangemen's Day        to come


very cloudy.  Dad to School with

Leslie, back by 9 then all men to

Renwick wind mill.  I took

crib spring mattress over & Larry [pub ??]

[rep. ??] then I cleaned Den & opened door

to leave more air thro Mama's room.

Dad & boys home at 2:30.  He took bath

& layed on bed awhile, pretty tired

storm coming I'm afraid but I

deviled eggs, potato salad, ice-

tea & if Dad wants to go all-right

don't matter to me. stareted to

thunder & little sprinkle at 5-30

so gave it up.  We ate at Home.

We didn't get much rain.  Ethel

called later & they got one good

shower then it was over.