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Sunday           15                July

 196th                                169 Days

 Day    St. Swithin's Day       to come


Baby Jean 10 llbs. 5 oz.

clear pretty hot & close.  Bud took Kenny

to S.S. then back to Church.  Dad & I

out.  Not very large congregation.  few

strangers.  I put chicken on and string

beans after I got Home.  I wore dotted

dress & old panama hat.  didn't look

bad.  We had dinner at 3-30.

Bud, [Samy], Kenny & Baby over to Anna

Highly & Bob's for dinner at 4.  They

stopped at Calmins on way over.

Dad took Mama & I for a little

ride, down to School then on

creek road to Birmingham.  Saw

[Kighlup??] few min.  Had just got

back when Bob, Ethel & Baby came

in, just stayed little while &

left as getting near Babys bed-time