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Monday           16                July

 197th                                168 Days

 Day                                   to come


clear & hot.  Men at Learman's.  I washed

couple of pieces, dotted dress.  pressed

Dad's work pants & mended them.

surely is hot & sticky, am not doing

much.  About 3 clouds started [piling??]

up and thunder rolled, by 4 it

was really coming,  three storms

at once.  pretty heavy cracks  & Joe

[DeNemco] said it struck a tree

outside their barn.  I know one

sounded rather close.  Men Home

at 5, had to stay in car few mins.

so much rain.  washing things

lovely.  lights off at store but ours

was all-right.  Herman called in

eve. said [Jimmi] operated on for

appendicitis, suddenly.  talked to Ethel

in eve.  Bob working.