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Tuesday           17                July

 198th                                167 Days

 Day                                   to come


dull after rain but still sticky.

wonderful rain every-thing soaked.

Men at Joe DeNemos pipe to

Pump.  I called Joyce & asked

about Jimmie -5 yr. old.  He was operated

on for appendicitis, [????] few min

yesterdy, spent good night last

night, so is getting along fine.

struck him on Sun. when they

were in Phila. after being to

the Shore.  I put 12 pair of socks

in box ready to mail to Md.

when I got chance.  Earl H.

called for Bud & [Samy] about

Picnic Thur.  I told him yes.

we were planning coming.

L. Michener here in eve. about [School ??]