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Bud, Larry & Kenny at [T or Pic ???] with us.

They took Jean to [Cachus ??] Ma L. then

came out. About 125 people there.

Kenny had several nice rides on merry

go round & [scorties??].


Thursday          19       July

200th                             165 Days

Day                                to come


stormy looking.  Boys at Love's daughter

putting in lavatory.  Dad & I to U.C.

He to Bank & to see Wilson. I got

pair white shoes at Hoffman's

then met Ethelnat 5 & 10 at 9-40.

Bobby in stroller. went to [Mostillors ??]

after she shopped in Lenord's, she

got 2 skirts & 1 green dress, few

things fior Bobby.  I got pair if slacks

for Dad & she picked me pretty

dress.  more than I wanted to

give but looked nice on, so I

got it.  I kept Kenny in after-noon while

[Samy??] took Jen To Dr. A. for check up.

storm came, terrific wind & rain.  We

were doubtfuly [for] Picnic but went out

at 5 because Earl H. so nice to ask us.