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Saturday          21            July

202nd                             163 Days

Day                                to come


Beautiful day.  Dad & Bud up to

Jack Williamson on Orchard Rd

hooking up his washing machine.

Bud went over to Calvin [Highleleys ??]

after lunch to so several things

for him.  Dad mowed grass &

took me to Church.  Bessie & I cleaned

& Dad came for me.  stopped at

Smith's got order.  I got nice

roast of pork loin, I know Dad

will like it.  After Bud got

supper he went to John Best as

they had no watewr.  Mr. [Rimel ??]

told him to get what was needed

for Pump. he owns that place.

Bob & Ethel mowing lawn for

a neighbor that is away on