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Baby Jane 2 mon old today.


Sunday          22            July

203rd                            162 Days

Day                                to come


Bud pulled corn for Ethel & Ma L. in eve.

Nice day altho'. humidity was high.

Bud had to go to Calvins, no water.

Dad pulled corn, tomatoes, cabbage &

took up to Ethel at 9.  They weren't up

so he just left them.  He & I to Church.

not very many there.  I put roast of pork

in oven, potatoes & carrots.  Dad & Bud

over to G. Steeles meeting, planning

ticket for Primary election.  We ate

dinner at 4 when he got back.

Bob, Ethel & Bobby came while we

were eating but had theirs.

Bob started cleaning a little on Dads

car, too hot to keep at it long.  In

eve. Bob & Bud put up net for

Badminton & they had 2 games.  Ma.G.

nursing Jean.  We sat & watched things

Bud took pictures Had cones of cream