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Primary election day.


Tuesday          24                  July

205th                                   163 Days

Day   Pioneers' Day (Utah)    to come          

Bob couldn't vote in their ditrict.

I expect because they haven't been there long enough


Nice day. after 11 o clock.  looked

doubtful before that.  I weeded a lttle more &

set out some [Jeimias??]

but they are too spindly.  Boys at

Harvey Waltz & Worthingten.  Dad to Earnest

Stellwagon's with W. then W. to Darrel's

Bud out to electionall after-noon &

hauling several out.  Dad & I out at

5 then I kept Jean & Bud took [Samy??]

& Mary [P or T] just as they came back

Edith Swanger & Walt came in to

see us.  We went over & [Samy ??] showed

sthem thro. her house.  They liked it

a lot. didn't stay long about 9.

talked to Mama & told her Edith's

Ma. is 81 but looks older.  Dad Home

at 12.  Bud & Steele took ballot box [after?]