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[G.] Steele won supervisor only by

9 votes.


Wednesday          21                  July

206th                                      159 Days

Day   St James, the Apostle        to come


Beautiful day.  Boiys to Dr. Hethcote

Dad to meet Wallace at 10 o'clock

[Samy??]. Kenny & Dad L. left at 8-0????

for Hamburg, he is getting test

to-day.  Jean woke at 9-15, I bathed

her n& gave bottle t 9145.  rocked

her & layed her on my bed at

10-30.  I hung up [Samy's ?} wash

she had done early.  They got back

at 3-15,  Jean had been asleep on

bed since her bottle at 2.  Dad [??]

drove up & back.  found him O.K.

the Dr. said.  Ethel called Bobby

had fallen & broken piece of tooth

I know that hurt, also had [??? & ]

places on head, she didn't know how he got it.

Bud & [Samy??] & children over to Steele

in eve.