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Friday          27            July

208th                            157 Days

Day                                to come


Clear & really hot.  Boys at Wm. [Z??????]

Dad going to see Wallace so I

went along & did shopping.  We

were Home by 11.  After lunch I fixed

Ethel's curtains & worked

on green thin dress she had

bought me.  MA. J. gave it to her

but too old for her.  much too big

for me.  I talked to her in eve.

Bob had taken Bobby to [Spellman??]

in after-noon filed little off

that he had broken.  didn't mind

it too much.  Dad & Bud up to get

[????] (being tested) so I went to

Smith's & got things for [Samy??] &

I.  also basket potatoes from [???].

I had left Edith T. have my 1st basket