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Monday           30             July

 211th                             154 Days

 Day                                   to come


foggy and very damp. raised in might.

Men to Eachus. I didn't wash but

I believe they would of dried as it

was clear by noon. I walked over

to see Mary about 10 o'clock & she is

kinda discouraged. The other leg

is now getting bad & nasty color.

I wish she could stay off her

feet more, altho. she claims she

does lay down a lot. Tom brought

over a yellow tomato to Mama.

Bud pulled corn for supper

& is really sweet. On 2nd row now.

Mrs. Smith came up for Dad

& took him to S. B. meeting. They

chose a new principal as Mr.

Halderman had resig [si] for better job.