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Tuesday          31            July

212th                            153 Days

Day                                to come


clear & hot.  Boys at Ernest Faucett's

Dad atEachus.  Boys at Victor Brinton

I had big wash and all dried fine

too tired to iron so will do that in

morning.  I washed thin doted dress

never will be as nice again, as they

lose that new look.  Earl Thomas came

with his check $1500.00.  His Son was

married Sat. & is going to live Home

with Earl. be nice for all of them.

Bud took onions up in eve. He & Dad

put them all up in his garage. ours too.

large crop this year.  Bud mowing

grass in eve.  Dad awfully tired so

went to bed early.  About 9-30 Bessie

Wylie came in with a paper for him

to read.Mary Ann had been to New England

by air-plane & Home by Car nice trip.