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Mama got bill from Dr. H. $10.00


Wednesday         1           August

213th                            152 Days

Day                                to come

also taxes $5.00


Nice day.  Bud to Walter Craig's Pump.

he had to go to Wilm. for parts. also

went to H. Worthington's. Dad & W. to Eachus

Bod & W. back to Craigs after 2 o'clock.

Men all back to Eachus about 3-30.

I ironed all morn. but finished by noon.

Eeanor R.& Bernice down to see [Samy?].

Anna H. Kenny & Baby cae at 3-30.  Bob

came at 6, They had picnic supper

on lawn. good time I'm sure.

Dad slept most of eve. then at 9

said lets go see Movie so we

drove down & easiest thing in

the world getting in and we

enjoyed it. only last picture had

snake in it and I never did

sleep much that night.  horrible

things I think.