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Bud paid $123.00 int. on loan



Friday                                    August

215th                                 150 Days

Day                                      to come

I sent check to Dr. H. for Mama.

cloudy. Boys at Wm.[Tents??]. Dad & I

to U.C. He to Bank for School, Church

& ourselves, put int. money from Bud

in [Dime??].  We did our shopping &

[Larmugo??]  Home by 11.  After lunch.

[Samy??], [Kemy??], Jean & I down to Smith

got our order then Home for naps.

We were going to walk but so

black it might rain so went

in [??????].  I made lemon  ^2 pints^ butter

for Ethel also jar of apple

sauce. (smoke house apples on ground).

Bud & Dad plowing up patchs

where onions were ready for

turnips.  Cut 2 first rows of

corn down next his tomatgoes.

don't think we will have many