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DCad got turnip seed at Smith's

& planted where onions were


Saturday         4           August

216th                            149 Days

Day                                to come

Brandwine Grange picnic.  Bud didn't

go as they are going shore & [movie??].

clear, nice day rather cool. Bud

went to help Ed. Cloud with

Pumps for H. Rash. make him

self a little extr money for

trip to-morrow. I cleaned up

a little after putting things in

basket for Dad to take to Ethel

tomatoes, lemon butter & apple

sauce, onions, cups. for [^???] Picnic

to-night. He went on to Eachus

mowed grass after he came

Home & finished back hedge,.

Bud asked me to keep Jean

to-morrow, they want to take

Kenny to Ocean City. awfully cool

but he can have a good time in sand

 nice eve for Picnic at Ethel's but